May 6, 2019

Beau and his toes….

Hello May and where has the year gone… I swear I just made a new years resolution to blog more and I am pretty much failed at that Ha! How about I change that resolution to blog when I can!

Beau and his Toes…..Hold on to the tiny moments mom! Your little man is growing so quickly and I love documenting these moments for you.
2 8x10 final IMG_8449_WEB.jpg
1 5x7 IMG_8362_WEB.jpg
1 5x7 IMG_8192_WEB.jpg
1 8x10 IMG_8088_WEB.jpg
1 11x14 IMG_8142_WEB.jpg

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February 19, 2019

Baby L

I can fully admit I am the worst at updating the blog. Part of my 2019 resolution was to be better at blogging all current sessions. It may be the middle of February but I have to start somewhere.

1 16x20 IMG_2930_WEB.jpg
1 24x30 IMG_3145_WEB.jpg
1 24x30 metal IMG_3002_WEB.jpg
1 8x10 IMG_3094_WEB.jpg

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January 17, 2019

Art Install

I love planning and designing the perfect wall for my clients. This wall was designed over the course of three different ordering sessions from measuring to planning. Designed perfectly so there is room on either side for lighting. We even install our clients work so you can enjoy immediately. Stunning display JD, your first ever family wall.

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January 18, 2018

Karlyssa + Danny

This might be one of the most breath taking maternity sessions I have ever photographed in my 17 years of doing this. Every Single time I look at these images I have to catch my breath.
Traveling with or for my clients as become a consistent pattern. Most of 2017 was spent on the road traveling with my pro athlete clients. It was a joy to sneak in a session for a dear friend in White Sands New Mexico.

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November 14, 2016

The Hughes Family

Downtown Dallas has become a favorite for all of our families with little bitty older ones….I love the bright, eclectic and modern feel to these sessions and I also love Will. Isn’t he sweet and oh so mischevious.

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