June 10, 2019

Jack and Zoey

You would never guess photographers actually commison other photographers…. right! Wrong, we all specialize in something and our talents are used in different ways. Jack and Zoey are my babies, I doubt they know they are actually dogs. I am fairly convinced they would make anyone want a dog or two. They both came from the same litter and fully knowing Jack wasn’t the healthiest I took him because he was the last one, not very big and I knew was going to need some help in his world. When I found HauteDog I nearly passed out! I watched Robyn work with dogs like it was magic, I am sure much how I work with newborns. I love every single image of them. Check her out here… https://www.hautedogpetphotography.com

Jack and Zoey-064_WEB.jpg
Jack and Zoey-081_WEB.jpg
Jack and Zoey-017_WEB.jpg
Jack and Zoey-146_WEB.jpg
Jack and Zoey-154_WEB.jpg
Jack and Zoey-283_WEB.jpg
Jack and Zoey-298_WEB.jpg
Jack and Zoey-335_WEB.jpg

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