How to Choose the Right Photographer for Your Family’s Milestones

While life’s fleeting moments become cherished memories, choosing the right family photographer becomes crucial to turning those moments into lasting heirlooms.  A great photographer captures not just smiles, but the essence of your family’s connection, tailoring their approach to match your personality and preferred style, ensuring you receive a timeless collection that tells your unique story. Below we review some tips on choosing a family photographer that best suits your needs.

Explore Family Photography Styles & Types

Do you need a photographer to document a specific event? Or are you looking to create family portraits? Understanding the types of family photography that are available is vital before choosing a photographer because some photographers do several very well while others may specialize in one type or another.  

Do you crave posed, classic portraits for a sophisticated look, or candid, lifestyle shots that showcase your family’s goofiness and genuine connections? Photographers often excel in a specific family photography styles, like documentary (capturing real-life moments) or fine art (creating artistic portraits). Think about your desired family photography style. Pinpointing this helps you find a photographer whose style aligns with your vision, ensuring the final product reflects the story you want to tell through your family photos.

Researching Family Photographers

Here are some pointers on how to evaluate family photographers.

  • Portfolio Review: Look for a talented photographer whose style resonates with you. Do their photos capture the feeling you want for your family portraits? 
  • Experience Matters:  Family photographers with experience handling children and creating a comfortable atmosphere are invaluable. Look for photographers who specifically mention family photography in their experience section. How long have they been in the business?
  • Client Reviews:  Testimonials from previous clients can be very telling. Look for reviews that mention positive experiences, particularly regarding photographers’ interaction with children (if applicable).  Check photographer websites or social media pages for reviews highlighting their family photography skills.
  • Qualifications:  While a fancy degree isn’t everything, professional qualifications can indicate a commitment to the craft.  Beyond experience, does the photographer mention any awards or recognitions specific to family photography? 

Understanding these factors will help you choose the perfect photographer to capture your family’s precious moments. Jenny Leigh’s extensive experience in family photography means she’s honed the skills you’re looking for – patience with families and children, a knack for capturing genuine moments, and the technical expertise to deliver beautiful photos.  

Understanding Pricing and Packages

Knowing what to look for in photography packages and pricing structures is crucial to finding the perfect fit for your family’s needs and budget. Here are some tips:

  • Pricing Structures: Photography pricing can vary greatly. Some photographers offer a la carte pricing, while others have tiered packages that includes certain print sizes and quantities. Many offer both digital and printed photographs and some even offer beautiful albums and framed wall art.

Factor in any travel fees or additional editing costs. Don’t forget to price gifts for grandparents and extended family.

  • Understanding Your Budget: Be upfront about your budget. Many photographers offer consultations to discuss your needs and they may tailor a package accordingly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

By understanding photography packages and pricing structures, you’ll be well-equipped to make selections that perfectly capture your family memories.

Make Jenny Leigh Your Family Photographer

If you’re looking for a photographer to capture your family’s precious moments, Jenny Leigh’s extensive experience in family photography makes her the obvious choice. With years of practice under her belt, she’s got all the skills needed: patience in creating a comfortable atmosphere for families with children, a talent for capturing genuine connections, and the technical expertise to deliver beautiful, lasting photos.  Review Jenny’s family photography portfolio and schedule a consultation today.

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